About Us


To play an active role in the full participation of Web 2.0 so that our constituents and stakeholders benefit by securing access to wealth creation tools.
Grantenmall.com is a web portal which has a specific target market in the UK integrated marketspace. There are four pillars which make up the foundation of the portal in an effort to deliver value to its stakeholders and their customers.

  1. A modern web portal which supports specific SME’s to reach their customers.
  2. A support service for SME’s to deliver business operating and customer support efficiencies through the use of Information Technology tools.
  3. A property management and sales service which provides for ongoing management, booking and payment for properties rented short or long term.
  4. A resource which supports the consolidation of individual financial resources to advance individual wealth creation.


Grant Enterprises & Trading started out in 2001 as a Cybercafe and computer based learning centre. At that time it also conducted local Trucking and Car Rental Operations.
Later on, other services were added such as IT and Computer Sales support along with Tour Services for tourists. The business has evolved over the last decade and it was accepted by the owner - Joseph Cassell - that with the rapid change in the way we do business and the integration of Internet, mobile technology and commerce that it was critical for the business evolution to have a full online presence. The "mall concept" was seen as the best way to achieve this goal.
On this site you will appreicate the business aspirations along with the owner’s desire as a true Montserratian to help local business grow and thrive in the global marketspace.
We will continue to launch new services and support the redevelopment effort in Montserrat through this portal.

Founder & CEO

Joseph has over 3 decades of experience in telecommunications, IT, Sales, Marketing, product development, SME operations and has been very committed to local social and community organizations. He thinks technology is the key enabler for developing small island states.
Services provided.
In this area we use omprehensive range of skills available to our core team to provide advice, service and support in a number of ways.


Property Management

Join us and promote the active marketing, booking, payment and management of your residential property. We will discuss with you how you can reach your target market and support your tenants be it short-term or longer-term accommodation options.
Our service support team will ensure your property meets local regulatory standards and is always available for rental business by working with local service providers to maintain the readiness and comfort of the accommodations to let. We handle customer enquiries and problems and provide accurate and timely tenant billing along with the standard monthly reporting for your property.

Information Technology Consultancy Services

We will discuss with you your business with a view to improving the business support processes for your customers identifying and deploying IT solutions in the business such as unified communications, POS solutions, software and hardware upgrades or utilities. We will help review your business to meet this objective.